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  • Don Xu
    General Manager

    What is your favorite Land Rover model?

    My favorite model is the Range Rover Autobiography, as I find it to be the perfect embodiment of comfort and modern luxury.

    What kind of car do you drive?
    I currently drive the 2023 Range Rover SE.

    How long have you worked for Herb Chambers?

    I have been working at the Herb Chambers companies for almost 10 years, ever since I first began my journey in 2013.

    What is your favorite thing about Herb?

    I admire Herb's ambition and dedication in ensuring all customers receive only the highest degree of quality service, in their experience with our dealerships.

    What is your favorite part of working at Herb Chambers?

    My favorite aspect is working alongside a community where Herb, along with each and every one of the employees, embodies the true essence of the Herb Chambers mission statement. We strive to work with customers through attaining the highest degree of excellence and integrity in service, providing a phenomenal experience unique only to the Herb Chambers companies.